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Dhanurveda: The knowledge of the bowModel: TB-00065

Dhanurveda: The knowledge of the bow
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 Dhanurveda: The knowledge of the bow


After a brief introduction to the gods of India, follows the German text transmitted from the Sanskrit. It is the statement of terms and of the gods in the text and the Sanskrit text. In the ancient scriptures of India is repeatedly referred to the Dhanurveda and quotes from it. In Sanskrit, Dhanu the bow, Dhanusa, Chapa, Gandiva, Karmuka etc The Sanskrit word Veda means knowledge. There were several written Dhanurvedas: the Nitisara of Kamandaka (about 750 AD), the Nikaivakyamrta of Somadeva (about 950th AD), the Yuktikalpataru of King Bhoja of Dhara (1050 AD), the Manasollasa AD by Emperor SomeswaraII (1127-1138.), with its origin should be according to the Ramayana around 1200-600 BC. The Ausanasa Dhanurveda Sankalanam was written in 1556-1605 Akbar. The present in this book Dhanurveda of Brhat Sarngadhara Paddhati was created in 1350. The Dhanurveda of Vasistha Samhita was written with great certainty the 17th century and the Pauratsya Dhanurveda in 1913, collected by Maharenda Kumar from various sources. The present text Dhanruveda is a secondary four Upa-Vedas (Vedas) are that: Ayurveda (the knowledge of medicine), Dhanurveda (The knowledge of the art of war, Dhanur means bow), Gandharvaveda (The knowledge of the music) and Shatpatyaveda (The knowledge of the architecture). After a brief introduction to the gods of India and the archery in India then and now, follows the German text transmitted from the Sanskrit. According to the numbering of the text then follows a detailed explanation of the concepts and the various gods and their relationship to the text, and the complete Sanskrit text from an 1888 print edition. As a source the author was in large part the book "Indian Archery" by Gayatri Nath Pant 1940/1978 Delhi.

  • Harecover: 96 pages

  • Publisher: Wiethase, H; Edition: 1, edition (July 15, 2005)

  • Language: German, Sanskrit

  • ISBN-10: 393763214X

  • ISBN-13: 978-3937632148


This product was added to our catalog on 06/24/2010.
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