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Gold Tip prefabr. carb. arrow

By offering the carbon arrows from Gold Tip we have included extremely robust arrows into our programme. When we tested this arrow, a 5575 Gold Tip arrow survived several shots at a concrete board without any harm done to the arrow. The arrows were shot from a distance of 5 meters with a Fast Flight longbow (53 lbs). The surpassing flying qualities and the variety of the spine values convinced us to incorporate this arrow into our programme. The Traditional Carbon Arrows are made to look attractively like wood. Our Gold Tip arrows are delivered together with an aluminium insert, 3 D Combo points 5/16 and a Gold Tip nock. # Spin: 35 35 55 lbs Max. Length: 30 # Spin: 55 55 75 lbs Max. Length: 32 # Spin: 75 75 95 lbs Max. Length: 32
Carbonarrow DARK FIRE
Carbonarrow DARK FIRE
Gold Tip prefabr. carb. arrow
Gold Tip prefabr. carb. arrow
Penthalon carbon arrows
Penthalon carbon arrows
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