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Tool-Kit The following tools are available for the Shank 5 / 16 ", 11/32", 23/64 "with Arrow - Fix available: * Spitzer for Nocks * Spitzer for field tips with 5 ° inner cone * Cone drilling rig * Prism for receiving and fixing the shank to be bonded * Optional: use of tools for making holes for T-Tips (Turkish Peak) Arrow - Fix is a set of tools that combines several functions. What it does The following works for all three Shank (5 / 16 ", 11/32", 23/64 ") can Arrow - are implemented fix for different woods, including bamboo,: * Cone for Nock * Taper for tapered tip * Cone for Pfeilschaftreparatur * Inner cone as a counterpart for Pfeilschaftreparatur * Fix the shank in the prism to be bonded during curing * Optional: drilling put on the use of T-Tips A T-Tips (Turkish lace) is a peak that has a metal barrel. The metal shaft is glued into a hole in the arrow shaft. This one notch effect, as it is given constructively in the traditional leaders is spouts excluded. Thus, the risk of fracture in the front third of t
Arrow - Fix
Arrow - Fix
Enhanc / Einzelt. f. Arrow - Fix
Enhanc / Einzelt. f. Arrow - Fix
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