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Bamboo arrow shafts

With our Bambusschäften is a specialist in the country of manufacture selected shoots of Tonkin bamboo. Only one of 20 bars has the conditions to be processed into a high-quality arrow shaft. The demands on the product are high and only the best bamboo is first processed to the shaft and ultimately to a more unerring arrow. The bamboo shoots grow until they are harvested 4-5 years. After harvesting the bars 1-2 months will be dry. Then they have the right moisture content for further processing. The transformation from the rod to the shaft is expensive and takes time and experience. More than 30 steps are needed to produce a shaft that can be fitted to a straight, durable, adhering to and arrow. The main steps include the blurring of nodes and straightening of the shafts. The bamboo is at the correct temperature is very pliable and then straightened. After cooling, the staff keeps its straight lines and can be further processed. Usually three or four nodes are located in a shaft of 84 cm length. Each nodes must be very carefully considered and treated. We currently offer shafts 30-90 lbs in the usual 5-groups (eg 35-40 lbs). You can also purchase our 6-lots of shafts, which have to ± 0.25 grams of the same weight. The good flight characteristics and durability of bamboo arrows are known for millennia and are made by man advantage.
Grouped by Spine & Weight
Grouped by Spine & Weight
Grouped by Spine - Bamboo
Grouped by Spine - Bamboo
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