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Cedar Shafts

When selecting our wooden shafts our first choice could only be in favour of cedar shafts. We have looked for alternatives, but we could not find another material that met our requirements. The Port Orford cedar combines so many advantages that no other shaft material can keep up with it. The damping behaviour of the cedar shafts is essentially more positive and faster than that of any other common arrow material. Damping behaviour is the period of time that a launched arrow needs to fly steady again after its launching. Shafts made of Port Orford cedar are not only lighter than other arrow woods but also essentially less deformable. Due to its greater elasticity it remains straight for a longer time than other wooden arrows. Not for nothing legendary bowmen like Fred Bear, Ben Pearson and Howard Hill used only wooden arrows made of Port Orford cedar. We sell only shafts of A-quality. All shafts are prespined in 5 lbs-groups by the manufacturer in the USA. Due to transport variations in temperature and differences of humidity deviations are of course possible. We are dealing with a natural wood and not with a homogenous material. If you say "yes" to a wooden shaft you also say "yes" to its natural qualities.
Cedar Shafts 5/16
Cedar Shafts 5/16
Cedar Shafts 11/32
Cedar Shafts 11/32
Spining and Weighing
Spining and Weighing
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